Privacy Policy pursuant to Article 13 of LEGISLATIVE DECREE 196/2003

The Data Controller Beeapp srl, with executive offices located on Via Mario Giuntini 63, 56023 Cascina (PI), Italy, also pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03, hereby informs you of the following:

your personal and sensitive data: e-mail, name, surname, requested of you, necessary in relation to contractual requirements (registration) and to the resulting fulfilment of requirements, including legal and tax (e.g. invoicing), as well as to the management of economic and financial relationships, shall be processed and used by the Data Controller and by any supervisors and data processors appointed by said controller, with methods and procedures compliant with current Italian/European privacy legislation and thus such as to guarantee their security and confidentiality.

The controller also informs you that your data, processed in paper, computer and/or telematic format, shall not be disseminated (i.e. made known to unspecified subjects) but may be communicated and processed, not only by our data processors and supervisors but also by our external collaborators within the limits strictly necessary to conduct the relationship (e.g. providers, cloud service providers, etc.). They may also be communicated to those who are allowed access by virtue of the provisions of law, regulation or Community legislation, to those who must access them to perform tasks auxiliary to the relationship existing between us or to our consultants to perform the tasks held by them at our organisation. The data may also be transferred abroad for needs linked to the relationship with you.

When you use the WeNote app, we may gather and process information on your current position. These data are processed anonymously, in a format that does not allow personally identifying the user, and used for the sole purpose of simplifying the use of some functions of the app based on your position. The micro-location services can be enabled or disabled by users at any time by accessing their device’s Bluetooth settings.

Pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03, with request addressed without formalities to the Data Controller, or to the person in charge of data processing, you will always be able to know which of your data are in our possession and how they are used. You also have the right to have them updated, corrected or integrated, if you so desire, as well as to request their deletion, transformation or blocking if processed in violation of the law. You may also oppose the processing of your personal data as long as there are legitimate reasons.

To this end, we specify that the person in charge of data processing is Giacomo Bosio, On the basis of the above, by installing our app called: WeNote, you give your consent to the processing of your data and their communication to the above-mentioned subjects, as well as to their processing by the latter.

By accepting the separate request called “marketing consent”, you also consent specifically to the use of your data even for commercial, promotional and marketing purposes relating to the products and services offered by the Data Controller and/or by third party subjects. Your data may be transmitted for the same purposes to the above-mentioned third party companies specialised in data processing as well as to subjects that the controller trusts and also uses for mailing service. All of the above-mentioned subjects shall carry out the processing in compliance with the instructions and conditions indicated by the controller.


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