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About the beacon

How long does the battery of the WeNote beacon last?
It lasts up to a year and is easy to replace.

What type of battery does the WeNote beacon use?
A normal CR2450 button cell.

How do I replace the beacon battery?
  1. Unscrew the 2 screws on the back cover of the beacon;
  2. Remove the run-down battery from the battery holder;
  3. Insert the new battery, paying attention to polarity;
  4. Close the container by screwing in the 2 screws on the back cover.

What is the radius of action of the WeNote beacon?
Approximately 15 metres. The distance could increase or decrease depending on the surroundings.

Where can I purchase the WeNote beacon?
Only on our website, by clicking on Buy Now (top right).

Is the WeNote beacon waterproof?
No, the WeNote beacon is not waterproof.

Can the WeNote beacon be used outdoors?
No, the WeNote beacon can't be used outdoors, as it is not waterproof or weather resistant. Place it indoors and away from heat sources and excessive electromagnetic waves.

Where must I place the WeNote beacon?
The beacon has a radius of action of approximately 15 metres, which can increase or decrease depending on the presence of obstacles to the signal (walls, furniture). You must, therefore, find a strategic point where the beacon will correctly detect your location.

Can I have more than one WeNote beacon in one place?
Not at the moment. Each beacon added to your app must correspond to a different location.

About the app

Does the WeNote app work with every type of beacon on the market?
No. At the moment, the WeNote app only works with WeNote beacons.

How many WeNote beacons can the app support?
The app can support up to 3 beacons at the same time. Each beacon must correspond to a different location.

How many users can join a place with a WeNote beacon?
Up to 3 users per location.

How much does the WeNote app cost?
Nothing. It's completely free, and you can download it from the App Store.

Which smartphones is the WeNote app compatible with?
It's compatible with iOS smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 – that is, with iPhone 4S and above.

I'm not receiving any notifications from WeNote: what can I do?
  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone;
  2. Go to Settings on your smartphone to make sure you have activated notifications and localization for WeNote;
  3. Go to Settings on your smartphone to set Location services for WeNote to "Always";
  4. Make sure you have installed the latest available version of the app. If necessary, try closing and restarting the app;
  5. Make sure you're close enough to the beacon, or at least within its radius of action;
  6. Make sure you have removed the clear tab from the beacon;
  7. The battery could be run-down; try replacing it with a new one, compatible with the beacon;
  8. If the problem persists, contact us at support@wenoteapp.com.

WeNote doesn't recognize my presence in the area; what can I do?
See the previous point for instructions.

Does WeNote work without Internet?
The app's functions are limited without Internet. You can still create new messages, which will be saved and sent as soon as your smartphone reconnects to the Internet. You can't, however, receive notifications or configure a new beacon, nor will other users know if you are in the beacon coverage area.

Does WeNote work even if Bluetooth is disabled?
When Bluetooth is disabled, your smartphone won't receive any signals from the beacon. WeNote is still working, but you won't get any signals, nor will you be traceable in the beacon coverage area. You can, however, still send messages to the other users in the area.

Who can see my position?
Only the people registered for your beacon can see when you're in the area. Find out who's in the area by accessing the details of a location from Places from the main menu.

Can I make myself invisible?
You can set the "Invisibility" mode from the main menu, so other people in your network won't know when you’re in the beacon coverage area.

How do I invite other people to join the WeNote beacon coverage area?
You can invite others to share notes linked to your locations by having them synchronize their smartphones to your beacons. Each person must personally start the synchronization between their device and the beacon of the area in order to be included in the location.

How do I remove myself from a place?
To leave a place, access "Places" from the main menu and select the "x" icon (eliminate) next to the selected location.

How do I cancel a place?
A place will be cancelled completely when all its members have left it. Or you can eliminate yourself from a place by following the procedure detailed in the previous point.

Can I exclude a person from my location?
Yes, you can eliminate a person by accessing the details of a location, from Places in the main menu. Click on People, select the icon "more" (three dots) next to the person to be eliminated, and click Remove.

WeNote is currently only available on iOS.
If you are interested in a version for Android, contact us at:

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